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Meditation & Philosophy Yin Yoga intensive (50h YA)

Sebastian Pucelle & Murielle Burellier
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24 mrt.

Meditation & Philosophy Yin Yoga intensive (50h YA)

24 maart 2020 @ 08:30 - 29 maart 2020 @ 17:30

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  • 6-day in depth Yoga training (50h YA) with Sebastian Pucelle & Murielle Burellier from With Yin Yoga. Unravel your potential and refine your inspiration on the Yin Yoga path. 

    Yin yoga training module 3 is our most evolved module, we use the Yin practice to explore and investigate the nature of the mind, we are merging Yin Asanas, Pranayama and Dharana or Ekagrata (one pointedness of the mind). We back up the practice with an analysis of Raja Yoga and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, as well as exploring the Samatha approach from the Buddhist tradition. Moving from the body towards the mind.

    Testimonial – Roadmap, signposts and tools for the inner journey!

    Lenes Simonnes.jpg

    “With the Meditation/Philosophy module, Sebastian and Murielle have done it again: delivered a methodology and training that is extremely well researched, structured and practical to apply. This is not an easy feat, considering the topic at hand! This module provides a roadmap, signposts and tools for the inner journey, a how-to practice with the mind and the heart. The insights, wisdom and joy from Murielle and Sebastian’s dedicated study and practice shine through in the delivery of the course and is truly inspirational. Again, I come away from my time With-YinYoga with upgraded means, confidence and enthusiasm to keep learning, practicing and sharing. Whether you are a fresh or experienced yogi, I wholeheartedly recommend this training, which is unique in its approach and authenticity and holds an exceptionally high level.”

     – Lene Simonnes, Yoga Professional, Executive Coach, Malaysia – Norway


    • Practice

      Build and sharpen your ability to concentrate by applying and sustaining
      (Merging Asanas, Pranayama and Dharana)

      Practice different meditation technique to collect the mind
      (Diaphragmatic breathing, Anapanasati)

      Progress Towards an absorption of the mind
      (Developing Samatha or the practice of meditative quiescence)

      Balance and tune your energy level in the practice
      (Standing Tonify/Meditating Daoist posture)

      Teaching Methodology

      The Tattvas of the Yin practice
      (The principles and qualities of the practice)

      Define Ekagrata or one-pointedness of mind
      (Lead your practice & teaching with one intent )


      Exploring Samadhi Pada Patañjali first chapter of the Yoga Sutras
      (The meditative absorption or the definition of Yoga)

      Patañjali analysis of Yoga
      (“Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodha” exposed)

      Samkhya or the framework of Patanjali
      (From Prakriti to Purusa)

      Studying the 5 hindrances to meditation
      (The obstacles to meditation and how to overcome them)

      Embodying the Brahma Viharas
      (The 4 immeasurable found in the Yoga Sutras and Buddhism)

      About Sebastian & Murielle

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    Based in Asia and Europe, Sebastian and Murielle  are seasoned teachers who offer their Trainings & Workshops worldwide, sharing the practice and teaching of Yin Yoga together.

    Read more about Sebastian & Murielle from With Yin Yoga here

  • ONLY if you live outside of the Netherlands you can register by registering through the ‘Registration non NL students’- button otherwise please register through the website by clicking the registration button (ideal payment or bancontact).

    Location: M.P.Lindostraat 4, 3532 XE in Utrecht

    Times: 8:30-17:30u

    Price: €800

    Included: included in the costs are the training,  all classes, tea, fruit and a Yoga Training manual (in English)

    Certificate: Participants will receive a 50 hour CE-Yoga alliance certificate. Full attendance is required to receive the certificate!

    For: This training is open to both yoga teachers, yogalovers and other professionals, bodyworkers, trainers in related fields who have a dedicated yoga practice. The training is taught in basic English. To indicate the level: it is sufficient if, you can read and understand an English-language magazine.

    Terms and conditions:

    Participating in this training means you agree with the Terms and Conditions which you can read in full here.

    If you have any doubts regarding your physical or mental fitness and health please check with us prior to submitting your application through a separate email. By receiving your application we assume that you are physically and mentally fit and stable.

    Limitation of liability: With Yin Yoga, Pure Energy Yoga &/or the Studio/Venue  cannot be responsible or liable for any injury, loss or damage of property, or disruption of any program due to any circumstances, including adverse weather conditions, which are beyond the control of With Yin Yoga, Pure Energy Yoga and/or the Studio/Venue. If for any reason, the venue has to cancel due to any circumstances, you will receive a full refund for your booking only.  For a complete overview of liability we refer to Pure Energy Yoga’s Terms and Conditions.

    We do not recommend making any non-refundable transport or accommodation arrangements at this stage. Once we have received the minimum number of registrations we will contact all participants who have registered to let them know that they can proceed with transport and accommodation arrangements

    Release: I am aware that I may be included in photographs taken at the training that may be used on the website and associated social media websites.

    Cancellation Policy:

    The participant has the right to cancel his/her participation for a workshop/training/retreat through e-mail (info@pureenergyyoga.nl).
    Cancellation within 14 days of purchase you will receive a full refund.

    This training is subjectable to a non refundable deposit of €50.

    Cancellation until 18 weeks before the start of a workshop/training/retreat, you will be charged 25 euro administration costs.

    Cancellation less than 18 weeks before the start of a training/workshop there will be NO refund provided.

    Cancellation doesn’t give right to participate in a similar training
    No transfers or credits to other trainings or between persons.
    No refunds for withdrawals due to unforeseen circumstances
    The refund policy is firm

    Participation in this Yin Yoga Training means you agree with the General Terms and Conditions. 

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Event Details

Date: 24 maart 2020 @ 08:30 - 29 maart 2020 @ 17:30
Time: 08:30 - 17:30